Flexa, a Danish children’s furniture brand.

The issue

Low brand awareness, increased market competition
Operating as Flexa Singapore’s (outsourced) marketing department, we managed everything from in-store displays, monthly thematic marketing plans, customer communications (website, social media, edms), media buys, media relations and the occasional event. We became intimately aware of all the selling points of this modular furniture system for kids – so that we could make sure that potential customers were excited by the range that they had to offer.

Our favourite highlight of this account was the time we turned the flagship United Square store into a children’s playground – using only Flexa products.

A Wild Safari Maze

Using the flexible Flexa shelfie system, we constructed a maze for little ones to explore (and find the odd lion hiding in the leaves!)

The aim of this event was to
  1. Educate the consumer about Flexa
  2. Hype up the store and increase traffic
  3. Gain more long-lasting customers 

Placeholder Video

Key Numbers

4 days
12 Shelfies used for the Jungle maze
120 Safari binoculars
150 mailing list sign ups
154 Safari Hats
300 Safari colouring books and pencil sets given out
450 Balloons
500 Safari Stamp Cards given out
1,200 event attendees including 11 Key Opinion Leaders and 2 Media Publications

The Moxie Blitz

In addition to conceptualizing the event, we made sure people knew about it:
  1. We threw a party for parent bloggers and publications. There was a safari tour, storytellers, balloons, juice boxes and lots of colouring! 
1,200 event attendees including 11 Key Opinion Leaders and 2 Media Publications.

This led to increased sales and overall marketing knowledge of the product. Because we had been building awareness of Flexa for a while, the funnel gap became smaller and there was throughput value.

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