Moxie is a colloquial American slang word.

The simple definition for it is:

“sass, courage, determination & attitude”.

These are the characteristics we bring to the table, at every meeting and in everything we produce.

We know the many hats a business owner wears. You're CEO, COO, Finance, Sales, Purchasing, IT, HR, R&D, Business Development... Cleaner and Coffee Maker. We KNOW how difficult it is to juggle all your hats.

On top of all of that, you still need to tell people about your product – and convince them that they need to pay you money for it.

We can help you free up some time.

Moxie Communications aims to be the Marketing Department or Agency that you need to help get the word out about your product, but at an affordable price. We specialise in telling the public consumer about your brand, through as many channels as necessary. We strive to provide fun, creative, constantly interesting content that enables our clients to stand out from competition.

Working with us means that you get friendly, highly personalised round the clock service without the over-inflated agency mark up.

Sue grew up in Singapore, returning to the sunny island after 10 years of studying and working in Great Britain. She specialises in creating unique and interesting ways to help our clients stand out from the crowd. Over the years, Sue has accumulated experience marketing everything from sports events to lifestyle experiences.

Since founding Moxie Communications in 2012, she hopes to bring her agency know-how and her own special brand of humour to lend a supportive hand to business owners.

Daphne has spent many, many, years in the Singaporean sport and entertainment industry. Over this time, she has amassed events management and hospitality expertise. Her strength and passion lies in social and digital media marketing, where she applies her punning skills with great aplomb and goes through data like Neo looking at the Matrix.

After working for the Indoor Stadium and later, the Singapore Sports Hub, Daphne has the unique advantage of having seen the inner and outer workings of sports in Singapore. Brought onboard specifically because “she loves working with spreadsheets”, Daphne is the Moxie structure guru who keeps everything on-track and on time.

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